AWS Chime

AWS Chime is a fully managed service that runs securely on the AWS cloud. AWS Chime is a communications service that transforms online meetings with an application that is secure and comprehensive.

Why AWS Chime?

Amazon Chime is for online meetings, video conferencing, calls, and chat. We can also share content inside and outside of your organization. It is additionally possible to join meetings without an account by inflowing the meeting ID in the Amazon Chime application. Amazon Chime is enabled and facilitated on AWS.

The Main Components are:

  • Client SDK: Embedded in the client-side app to initiate, control, and terminate media services. This package leverages the Media Devices and WebRTC APIs to join meetings, exchange audio, and video, and share content with other attendees.
  • AWS SDK: Uses chime APIs in the Server-side app that your server application uses to authenticate and authorize meeting requests from your web application.
  • Media Services: Media sessions and services to support audio calling, video calling, and screen sharing. The Amazon Chime service team deploys, monitors, and manages these services.

AWS Chime embedding into Providentia Learning Application

  • Providentia Learning project is focused on developing a platform for individual’s/school’s/universities to provide true academic learning performance to get the best results by consultations, mentoring, and online tutoring.
  • The Application is focused on developing a platform for students to provide mentoring support up to K-12 students.
  • We are developing a customized communication interface to provide a seamless virtual classroom experience, powered by Amazon Chime.
  • AWS Chime with-in Providentia Learning Application facilitates students to enable audio, video, chat window, and screen sharing within their system
  • The classroom sessions are fully recorded and maintained for students that are monitored by AWS.


AWS Chime into Providentia Learning provides Pay as you go service that helps students in on-demand learning. Students of Providentia Learning Application can easily connect to the Tutor of their choice and also, they get the flexibility of scheduling classroom sessions. The classroom sessions are fully recorded and maintained for students of Providentia Learning for a lifetime in their very own virtual library. Tutor of the application gets an opportunity to showcase their teaching skills. Students and tutors can track their progress using interactive dashboards within the application. Student or Tutor has Chime a seamless communication platform to interact on a need basis within Providentia Learning application.