Cloud computing is driving a huge transformation globally among developers, users and enterprises in how they access information, design/develop/implement applications and manage cost and infrastructure. The merits of cloud computing are widely accepted and organizations are moving quickly to keep pace with the transformation.

Flexibility and scalability are going to be key drivers across various points in the business spectrum. Optimizing cloud technologies can improve platform efficiencies, enhance operational flexibility and business scalability with the potential to elevate businesses to the next level. Cloud computing services at ITTStar allows businesses to meet their future needs and dynamically scale cloud solutions as per their requirements. We help enterprises build cloud solutions from scratch, as well as facilitate the migration and maintenance of existing applications to cloud platforms

Cloud Solutions & Services

ITTStar has enabled design, development, integration and launch of effective cloud-based applications for many organizations across the globe. We offer cloud solutions and services for cloud application development, cloud platform architecture design, cloud migration, SaaS services, DevOps, service orchestration and much more. Our in-depth knowledge of cloud technology combined with our consultative and people-first approach allows us to tailor solutions that help enterprises reach their goals



Complete, real-time inventory of all IT assets – wherever they reside
Automatically patch and quarantine
Continuous assessment of your global security & compliance posture
Consolidate your security & compliance stacks
Identify zero-day vulnerabilities and compromised assets
Drastically reduce your spend


  • We'll bring together powerful business intelligence capabilities that will help clients in accessing candidates with advanced skills.
  • We always ensure that our recruitment drive is result oriented and meet your emerging demands.
  • We have the capability to provide 24/7 On-Shore, Off-Shore & Near-Shore resources to suit your budget needs considering SOX and Governance.
Business Strategy
Define and implement a holistic cloud strategy and roadmap that maximizes value from the cloud.
Build new, cloud-native, integrated digital and data solutions.
Advanced data and analytics
Illuminate insights and intelligence through modern data architectures, AI, and Machine Learning.
Managed Services
Implement a foundation of modern DevOps practices to increase ongoing business and technical agility.
Cloud Migration
Leverage optimized strategies for rationalizing, modernizing, and migrating existing software to the cloud while supporting users throughout the process.


  • Cloud & SaaS Operations: Unified cloud operations management & monitoring, performance optimization, cloud security, governance & compliance, NoC services, SLA management
  • Cloud Consulting: Could assessment & advice, cloud application, platform itecture, cloud audit & review, cost analysis & optimization
  • Cloud Infrastructure: Cloud migration, strategy, infrastructure security management, backup & restore solution
  • Cloud Development: Solution design, application development, software product development, cloud integration, migration & implementation, C2C connector, data management & analytics
  • DevOps: Process automation, CI/CD, Continuous Monitoring, Continuous Testing, pipeline as a code development, infrastructure as a code development
  • IaC: Terraform, CloudFormation, CDK


Digital Trust & Saftey Services
Industry - Cyber Security
Build a Data Pipeline to partition the data in AWS Redshift table to while guaranteeing no loss of ingesting data.

American Tobacco Company
Industry - Tobacco
Re-Platforming of the Data Warehouse to the Cloud as the on prem Teradata warehouse has hit its limits and limitation.

Global IT solutions provider
Industry - Information Technology
Application and server migration to revamp the existing IT environment