ITTStar is your trusted partner for digital transformation

Digital transformation is data driven, and requires a trusted partner who can help customers drive innovation using AWS Cloud Services. ITTStar has a unique approach to solve the complex data & analytics problems in an enterprise by helping customers build cloud native data platforms, and enable capabilities that drive innovations.

and Insights

We provide easiest way to analyze streaming data, gain actionable insights, and respond to your business and customer needs in real time


We provide flexible, cost-effective, and scalable storage solution for your data

Intelligent Applications

Using real time data, we offer personalized and adaptive user experiences


We are focused on solving some of your toughest challenges that hold back machine learning from being in the practice of your organization


We help improve your IT operations & cut costs so the in-house IT can focus on more strategic IT programs

Our Super powers

KRADL Architecture with Quicksight and Sagemaker

Our services take your business to next level. We help customers prepare for growth, eliminate uncertainty, train and move faster to cloud

  • We are an AWS native Cloud Solution Provider. Our approach to developing business solution can help you field any challenge
  • 93% of our Cloud Professionals are AWS Certified where we bring in proven Industry-tailored solutions
  • You will get access to unparalleled talent and experience which is directly proportional to build fast and secure Cloud Solutions

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